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"We Didn't Start The SocJus" - Social Justice: The Musical

FREE DOWNLOAD LINK - take a walk down memory lane. Retrace our steps to before safe spaces and trigger warnings and find out just where this all started. In SONG!Follow me on Twitter if you want.me on Facebook if you want.ME QUESTIONS if you want.me on Patreon if you want.

Christian Mundingu

C breezy ✔️☑️

Lps Faith

So.. ur Donald trump?


OG smosh viewers remember his emo hair.

Sports Man

Who is watching in in 2019

Wisc Tedve

Try what r those shoes

I have been rejected and hated


Lol rats with guns! Haha!

shana blaze

Song title?


It's a great video but definitely easier said than done. At the end of the day some people have no choice but to go to that job they hate because they need that money to live, to keep a house and pay bills. Tough cycle to exit

The Sandes

5:16 ty how was Billy’s shot not stylish

Gusttqvo Colomito


Luke Schlachter

amazing.. how can it be fake?

Syed Tayyab Noor

I wish it popped he was so close

xenopolis meh

I do understand him. I know a lot of people see him as a monster. But for real, sometimes we need to remember that we onley have one life to live and we need to make this one life the perfect one. And sometimes we need to be selfish to become happy again, to see what we realy want in our life. I truly think he did the right thing.

Julius Sch

0:04 I see VHS look, I like


Everett Underwood

Finds a leaf Cody: this a 1600 maple tree leaf that was on george Washington’s bush outside his front yard

Claytondavid Mays

Boi said sweet dubstep you ear boi? Damn bruh.


sexist much

World of Pink

I love how a grown man (Iink) has to ask his friend if he can use a knife 😂😂

Shadow Master

Yay. More sequels and remakes, just what everyone wants.

4. You didn’t notice I skipped three.

Jennifer Lowy



This is boring


I am from alabama and this is not epic

Ewan Johnson

I feel really bad for you guys after the rage monster


0:05 to my 17-year-old mother, who was still 17 at the time.