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Marcos Witt - Si Puedes Creer

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Watermelon Scope

There new office in 2017 is way~ better!!

Joeraf Caballero

Hi jaiden can you kiss james

marios euthimiaou


DeezPros121 H

we will remember you helicopter guy


Such a dirty snitch.,..

Avery Ep

Is his true or was this guy drunk when he made the story?🤣

Pablo gamer

Algum Br?kk


Fuck is skies doing with his hair lmao

Jenny Gunn

I do that

Spoink .s

Where is Prince of persia 🖕

Tom Baumgartner

funny how people say this is fake hahah, it is also funny how people r like pause at "0:09" the ball curved ya fuckin idiot

Caroline Bromley

I dont get nuber 7

CAL Karmalarmallama

what just happened...

Maja Palm

That line in beggining, ”Do you know what I’ve been through to get this body?” Thats a lie, don’t belive it! You can’t starve yourself, stop it, and then you’re going to be all fine and dandy, no! You Will gain wheight! Quite a bit of it to, if you starved, that means your body is afraid of starving again and its going to store extra energy in preparation for the next starvation. This means a lot of anorectics end up wheighing more than they did before they started! Please! To someone with a toxic mind that line could be devestating, ”Whatever, I deserve to suffer! As long as I get there in the end I don’t care what I have to put myself through” don’t do that. Suffering ends in more suffering!

Aviraj Singh Randhawa


Ruby Boyden

I play this at my school for field day,I’ve always fallen on my face ;-;

satans childx

I remember that episode


Merry Christmas FunWithGuru !

are you sure about that?

Aniya Agboola

Catherine’s hair looks soooooo nice curled 😍😍


no drinks at all... wut

Fatih Saydam


do re mí

She sounds like that girl that volunteers to read in class

Trashcan Stories

Those nurses are so sweet, this is heart breaking. I hope you find peace and happiness. I hope everything and everyone finds peace

Lucia Garcia

Fuck your

Loreta Apdua

That was amazing, can you guys do more overtime cause it's very funny and can you guys also do like a DP office tour or something like that

The oldest athletes ever=LEGEND

Gerry Leyva

I love your video

Brandon King

Like tyler comment for Garret

Nandu Rohit

How many of you guys searched mom edition??

Anand Mishra

A week later Mama I don’t want to go to school

Jackson Hewins

How many shots did it take you to do all that

mohammad madu

Ellon musk

Cmsy Scharman

Is Chandler actually quitting YouTube

Orcasdli Quebey

cannot help bursting to laugh when seeing the last easter egg,good job!

chris morawski

why is everything level 69


Wow never would have though they would reference anything related to cartoon network. Much less we bare bears.

Satan’s Baby

I’m the other women and yeah it’s sounds really bitchy but ppl don’t understand it hurts just as bad

Bruh VineComp

Fuck yeah trump for prez

BitterSweet Tragedy

All of that for A COLORED PENCIL

Kyle Mathis

This song is by Parabelle former singer of a band called evans blue. ;)

Cam Stickney

Boom shota shota come get your shota

Poly Frank

Hello Guru I have a Easter Egg for you Their is a place that looks like a ufo if you stand on it a ufo noise will come out of it